Car users are more and more demanding, which translates into increasingly complex of vehicle construction. Spectral Manufacturing not only supports car repair and maintenance, but also raises levels of awareness as well as enhancing health and safety at work.


Regardless of whether your team works in a noisy environment outside or in the silence of an office, our intuitive and highly personalized application allows employees to operate effectively and safely in all environments. Employees who carry out precise tasks can devote their full attention to particular procedures without taking their eyes or hands off the machine or device.


Assembly and service instructions are not standardized and are often misleading, which may compromise safety. In addition, the variety of parts and procedures may result in mistakes when assembling or servicing individual components. Employees who carry out this work can now enjoy the assistance of AR goggles that guide them throughout the entire process, whichthus reducinges time and cost andwhile also improvinges quality.


The application displays a hologram of the architectonic space from a first-person perspective as if the user wasis standing in a real- life building— - allowing for a better, more realistic and immersive picture of the planned investment.