Spectral Manufacturing is a software platform for AR devices that gives your field techs hands-free access to real-time data and processes that will optimize their performance and reduce operational costs. Field technicians can view task instructions, checklists, and troubleshooting procedures, as well as get real-time visualizations.

Virtual guide for manufacturing and service procedures

Thanks to visual and voice instructions superimposed onto a real working environment, the employee receives information on what, how, when, where and with what tools he or she has to do to perform a particular production, assembly or service operation. Our support system for production, assembly and service operations using augmented reality technology and AR goggles, which guides the employee painlessly and intuitively through complicated, industrial procedures.

Augmented reality applications can be configured to meet a variety of tasks and processes across the plant floor – from assembly and production to inspection, quality assurance and delivery. On-site, the field service technician can make use of remote services to get immediate access to the right information.

Audit & Quality

Reduce and prevent quality defects by detecting errors and correcting them as they happen through IoT enabled processes.

Visual Work Instructions

Guide operators through their daily tasks with easy to follow paperless instructions that enable them to stay engaged and perform tasks across functions.

Lean Manufacturing

Eliminate waste and empower your team with a suite of lean manufacturing apps to achieve real-time continuous improvement

Machine Monitoring

Identify causes of downtime and understand overall equipment effectiveness with real-time visibility of all your machines, value streams and production facilities.

Faster Learning

The experiential training provided by Augmented and Virtual Reality manufacturing solutions for training give real-time feedback and improve the efficiency of skills transfer, increased knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within an organization.







  • Access guided task instructions
  • Complete safety checklists
  • Document critical steps and create audit trails
  • Initiate calls and live stream with remote experts
  • Monitor live data on the plant floor
  • Get real-time alerts and task notifications
  • Work with connected objects and tools
  • View and capture photos and videos