Spectral Support is the platform, enabling the two-way exchange of real-time augmented reality (AR) annotations between experts and technicians during off-site assembly and service operations. Workers can stream live video and audio from their AR devices to colleagues who receive a first-person perspective of the work at hand. The expert returns precise visual instructions that are superimposed on the technician's field of view using AR.

Virtual expert advice

Any serviceman currently involved in problematic repair work is in constant visual and voice contact with an expert in a given field. Thanks to augmented reality goggles, the expert sees exactly what the serviceman sees at the repair site and can deliver live support.

It is not uncommon for field technicians to service many variations of a single component during their offsite callouts. Usually is almost impossible to train technicians on every scenario before sending them out in the field. Spectral Support enables technicians to assess the situation upon arrival and provides a safety net should something need to be checked on the spot with an expert. Despite this, not every repair centre, workshop or service facility has the technical knowledge to diagnose and repair every item that comes in to be fixed. Using Spectral Support experts can easily and effectively guide the local technicians through setup procedures and perform inspections without having to leave the company headquarter. This not only reduces the travel costs but allows technical experts to spend time in a more efficient way.

Remote collaboration

Often technical experts from other locations or from the supplier need to be called-in when specialist knowledge is needed. Remote collaboration empowers on-site technicians to contact experts who can help to immediately diagnose and repair parts that previously needed specialist knowledge. The assistance is instant and in real-time and works in and out of office hours across the globe.

The first-call support

The basic point of customer satisfaction is the first-call support. The customer usually demands to solve his problem immediately. Spectral Applications allows the customer to show the problem visually even before a technician arrives. In this way, the service company can prepare for the repair with all necessary part. The platform enables technicians to assess the situation upon arrival and provides a safety net should something need to be checked on the spot with an expert. In the end, customers are left with increased levels of satisfaction when the job is completed correctly the first time and any repeat visits are avoided.

Document sharing

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Faster Learning

The experiential training provided by Augmented and Virtual Reality manufacturing solutions for training give real-time feedback and improve the efficiency of skills transfer, increased knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within an organization.





  • Document sharing
  • Telestration
  • Messaging
  • HD audio & video
  • Remote zoom
  • Remote snapshots
  • Work with connected objects and tools
  • View and capture photos and videos