Personalized training applications for employee training. Ensuring complete safety during all operations to be performed. The application works regardless of the availability of real equipment and training facilities. Spectral Training is a software platform using AR and VR devices that provides engaging, immersive, and highly interactive experiences and for this reason, it’s received well-deserved attention as an innovative, effective training technique.

Virtual training

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can open up a vast array of new possibilities across a wide spectrum of industries, from viewing properties in 360 degrees for real estate, to situational awareness and simulation for military training. Virtual Reality can save time and significant cost, and provide a safe, immersive and realistic experience for users, some not even possible in the real world. Our technology can be adapted to meet the needs of many different vertical markets, from white label solutions to custom hardware and software development for specific industry use cases.

VR and AR allows to replicate any possible real-life situation without the risks, damages or consequences possible in everyday life. Thus VR/AR is the perfect medium for industrial training as it allows us to create immersive solutions that save you money and that benefits your employees.


As trainees don’t have to be in specific environments due to a headset, it’s possible to teach people across the globe at any time.


VR lowers, or in some cases even outright erases, these hidden expenses by allowing employees to practice in 3D without spending money on physical equipment or instructional supervisors.

Eliminate Risk

One of the key advantages of virtual reality is the ability to immerse users in a virtual, yet safe, world. This is ideal for applications providing a way to gain valuable experience of dangerous or life threating environments from the safety of a training room.

Any location

One of VR’s unique attributes is its ability to immerse users in environments that are difficult to train in, but must be worked in. Thanks to VR it possible to put employees in almost any locations or situation imaginable, interacting with items that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to have in a training environment.

Faster Learning

The experiential training provided by Augmented and Virtual Reality manufacturing solutions for training give real-time feedback and improve the efficiency of skills transfer, increased knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within an organization.







  • Access guided task instructions
  • Complete safety checklists
  • Document critical steps and create audit trails
  • Initiate calls and live stream with remote experts
  • Monitor live data on the plant floor
  • Get real-time alerts and task notifications
  • Work with connected objects and tools
  • View and capture photos and videos